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What does Scandal mean in dream?

Scandal | Dream Meanings


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are an object of scandal, denotes that you are not particular to select good and true companions, but rather enjoy having fast men and women contribute to your pleasure. Trade and business of any character will suffer dulness after this dream.

For a young woman to dream that she discussed a scandal, foretells that she will confer favors, which should be sacred, to some one who will deceive her into believing that he is honorably inclined. Marriage rarely follows swiftly after dreaming of scandal. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A warning to be cautious and discrete... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

One is afraid that some aspect of life he/she wants to keep private is going to become public. ... New American Dream Dictionary

The Complete Dream Book

One is not likely to many within a long time after dreaming of a scandaL.... The Complete Dream Book

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision + Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a scandal: things will soon take a turn for the better.... Dreamers Dictionary

Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream of a scandal, then this dream is helping you to grapple with your innermost feelings versus your ego and the reputation of your public persona. See Gossip.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of being involved in a scandal suggests that you should clear your conscience regarding something you regret. However, if the scandal in your dream concerned only others (and not you), you can expect to have to cope with a challenge to your values and/or reputation.... My Dream Interpretation